BDS2.0 Bed Bug Detection System (BDS™)

Product Description

The Bed Bug Detection System (BDS™) BDS2.0 is a discreet early detection device that can identify bedbug infestations before they proliferate and infest a a new location.  The new design makes inspection and identification easy.

BDS2.0 should be used just about anywhere:

  • Multiple Unit Dwellings/Apartment Complexes
  • Hotel/Lodging Locations
  • Long-Term Care Facilities/Hospitals
  • Offices
  • College Dormitories
  • Schools/Daycare Facilities
  • Public Storage
  • Anywhere people inhabit or frequent including restaurants and public transportation

MONITOR SIZE: 1.75"  x 5.875"

PACKED: 6 placements per sheet, 12 sheets per box, 4 boxes per case (288 placements per case)