ULD® HydroPy-300® Pyrethrin Concentrate

Product Description

  • Dual-Synergized for Quick Knockdown and Kill
    • Hydro-Py 300 ia dual-synergized pyrethrin formulation containing 3% pyrethrin and 16% synergist designed for great performance
  • No Agitation Required
    • HydroPy-300 is a water-based microemulsion that is specifically designed to stay in water solution without agitation
  • Low Phytotoxicity 
    • Hydro-Py 300 has been used in mosquito misting applications for over 3 years with little to no phytotoxicity, when used according to mosquito misting label directions
  • Broad Label
    • Hydro-Py 300's label includes specific directions for automated mosquito misting use
    • Kills a wide range of insects including mosquitos, gnats, flies, spiders, etc.
    • Wide range of dilutions

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