Glue Boards For Various ILT's (1)

Product Description

Why Settle?

Replacement boards are also available to fit many of the competitive units on the market. Why settle for an inferior board when you can use the highest quality boards available - for less.

ITEM # 907: Replacement glue board for Vector® Classic®, Vector Nova®, Vector Plasma®, and Vector Plasma One®

PACKED: 12 boards per box, 12 boxes per case

TRAP SIZE: 16.38" x 9.06"

Item # 924: Replacement glue board for 901 and other common units

PACKED: 24 boards per box, 6 boxes per case

TRAP SIZE: 16.97" x 4.75"

ITEM # 927: Replacement glue board for the PestWest® Mantis® 1X2, Mantis® 2X2, Max 50

PACKED: 6 boards per bag, 25 bags per case

TRAP SIZE: 16.76" x 9.25"