930 Spider Web™ Fly Glue Trap

Product Description

With over SIX THOUSAND square inches of surface area, this double-sided fly trap was designed to tackle the most severe fly infestations. Attractants include pheromones, food attractants and AP&G Fluorescent Chartreuse color.
Pull out in segments & hang in areas with high fly populations. One trap can catch more than 100,000 flies. University tests have shown that when the Spider Web™ Fly Glue Trap is used at a rate of one trap per 600 sq. ft. high, infestation areas were able to achieve 70-80% control without any use of pesticides! For use in and around barns, stalls, poultry houses, garbage rooms, or wherever flies are present in large numbers.
PACKED: 12 traps per display case.
TRAP SIZE: 23' x 11", (7m  x 27.94cm)