Microcare® 3% CS Controlled Release Pyrethrum

Product Description

Microcare 3% CS is the only microencapsulated pyrethrum product that provides quick knockdown and residual control in and around residential and commercial structures.  It features SmartCap Microencapsulation Technology that disperses an effective barrier of insect killing pyrethrum capsules over the application area for incresed pest exposure and residual.  Exclusive SmartCap Technology creates a shell around the active ingredient (a.i.) that increases residual control by protecting it from ultra violet rays, weather, porous and greasy surfaces and absorption into soil or organic matter.  It also acts as a barrier to diminish exposure to humans and pets while reducing plant phytotoxicity and staining.  Through this technology we are able to construct tiny, mobile lethal doses of the a.i. that can attach to and move with insects.

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