Orthene® PCO Pellets

Product Description

Insects Controlled: Controls 11 insects including cockroaches, ants, fire ants and crickets.

Applications: Mix with water only. Use indoors and outdoors. Approved for Food Handling. Crack & Crevice, Spot Spray, Outdoor applications include broadcast and mound drench. Not approved for residential areas indoors.

Orthene PCO is one of only two organophosphates that remain for the PMP industry. This is important because of resistance problems with synthetic pyrethroids and the need to rotate chemicals. Acephate has never been shown to have resistance. Many people will agree that Orthene PCO will control roaches when nothing else will. Orthene PCO provides quick knockdown and residual that will last 8-12 weeks.

There are a few things that make Orthene PCO unique for commercial use. Orthene PCO controls insects by contact and ingestion. This is the reason an insect cannot develop resistance to acephate. It is a soluble pellet (powder). Orthene PCO leaves no visible residue, will not tie-up with grease and dirt and remains on top of grease and dirt and therefore always present when insects crawl over the surface. Orthene PCO is totally non-repellent. Insects do not know it is there. This means it can be used with baiting programs to get rapid control of infestations.

Orthene PCO also adheres well to stainless steel surfaces. This means it resists washing off these surfaces when areas are hosed down in the evening.