Allure® MD Mating Disruption System

Product Description

Allure® MD was developed to control stored product moths including Indian meal moths in a wide variety of commercial situations.  Allure MD uses mating disruption technology to prevent reproduction and reduce the number of moth larvae.  This new EPA registered product actually controls Indian meal moths instead of just monitoring the population.

Mating Disruption Technology

Mating disruption is a process of using large amounts of sex pheromones to confuse males and limit their ability to locate and mate with calling females.  This release of large quantities of sex pheromone into the treatment area interferes with mate location by masking the natural pheromone plumes.  This affects the male's ability to respond to calling females and causes the male to follow a "false pheromone trail" at the expense of finding a mate.  Consequently, the population is reduced, and fewer larvae are present to cause damage and mature into adults.

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