Insect Trap and Monitor (100i and 288i)

Product Description

With today's emphasis on IPM, these seemingly simple devices are more important than ever.  Catchmaster™ insect monitors are not your average monitor.  Catchmaster™ adhesives last up to one year under normal conditions which insures that monitors keep working for you well after the original placement.  Catchmaster™ monitors are also pre-baited with food grade molasses and have an adhesive backing for placement anywhere and in any position - even upside-down.
ITEM # 100i
PACKED: 100 traps per case. One trap equals 3 monitors or 300 monitors per case.
TRAP SIZE: 7.56" x 7.5", (19.20cm x 19.05cm)
MONITOR SIZE: 7.56" x 2.5", (19.20cm x 6.35cm)
ITEM # 288i
PACKED: 72 traps per box.- 288 monitors per box - 4 Boxes/Master Case
TRAP SIZE: 9.9" x 7.75", (25.08cm x 19.05cm)
MONITOR SIZE: 9.9" x 2.6", (25.08cm x 6.35cm)