Aegis® Modular Bait Station

Product Description

Monitoring, baiting or trapping rodents and monitoring and controlling insects are essential parts of a successful IPM program. The Aegis Modular System is specifically designed to accomplish multiple tasks, increasing the effectiveness of your program and reducing service time.

Rodenticide baiting.

· Vertical and horizontal bait rods keep mini-blocks secure inside the station and away from non-targets.
· Elevated rods keep mini-blocks away from moisture.
· Removable bait tray holds pellets or meal bait when the bait rods are removed and makes cleaning easier.

Rodent trapping and monitoring.

· Can be used with snap traps, which are hidden and provide additional safety for non-targets. Kness Big Snap-E Rat traps are recommended.
· Can be used with glue boards. Atlantic Paste and Glue 48R are recommended.
· Trapped rodents remain concealed, enhancing your professional image.

Insect monitoring and baiting.

· Glue board fits neatly on raised pedestals for accurate monitoring of crawling insects.
· Uses convenient, disposable insecticide bait cups.
· Rodent and insect work maximizes service time and profits.

Proven design.

· Floor lip surrounding glue board prevents insects from nesting in concealed areas.
· Reverse hinge opens away from wall, allowing the station to stay anchored for easy maintenance and documentation of service information.
· Modular System conceals trapped rodents from view.
· Secure, yet easy-to-open locking mechanism reduces service time