Aegis®-RP Anchor Bait Station

Product Description

Aegis Anchor: A new standard in security and professionalism.

The Aegis-RP is now available pre-assembled with the Aegis Anchor. Save labor costs - just open, bait, lock and go.

  • Bolt embedded in concrete for maximum holding power
  • Over 12 1/2 lbs. of concrete assures the station will stay where you put it
  • No more hassle with glue, drills, screws or paving stones
  • Quick-release wing nuts for cleaning or moving
  • Professionally packaged; carton of two weighs only 28 lbs.
  • Packaged so product looks new the first day you use it
  • Built to last: It still looks good and works well years later
  • Strengthening fibers embedded in the concrete for extra durability
  • Fastened using two bolts, washers and wing nuts
  • Building-grade concrete adds professional look
  • Concrete manufactured to the industry's highest standards
  • Aegis Anchor fits flush against wall, offers no harborage
  • RP can still be vertically oriented for tight places even with the concrete attached
  • Can only be detached by opening station with the Aegis key