Aegis®-RP Bait Station

Product Description

AEGIS-RP Bait Stations are ideal for use where tamper resistant placement of rodenticides is required. It uses the same key as our other Aegis products. Recent AEGIS-RP enhancements include: rounded interior corners where the floors and walls meet, allowing faster and easier cleanout. Also, the lid includes a Spanish precautionary statement. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Versatile, allows rats or mice to access station to feed on rodenticide.
  • A design that allows rodents to see their exit before entering, inviting them to enter and feed.
  • A low profile, permitting flexible mounting in tight locations (vertical or horizontal).
  • Rotating hinge outlasts break away living hinged bait stations.
  • An economical choice, control rodent management costs.

Dimensions (in inches): Length 12 7/8, Width 7 7/8 (including hinge), Height (lid closed) 4, Height (lid open) 3 1/2.