Product Description

Advanced rodenticide provides unique combination of attributes for optimal durability and maximum protection against bait scatter, decomposition and mold in commercial accounts.

BlueMax offers a unique combination of attributes that make it ideally suited for commercial rodent control. These include:

  • Block strength: Food-grade grains are specifically formulated to ensure block durability and density for less bait crumbs and scatter.
  • Weatherability: Optimum paraffin content guards against crumbling and bait melt in humid, moist, or hot environments.
  • Mold suppression: New preservatives deliver superior protection against mold.

The unique formulation found in BlueMax also incorporates the active ingredient difethialone, the industry's most advanced single-feed anticoagulant. Difethialone is a unique compound that requires only half the rate (25 ppm) of other anticoagulant rodenticides. A lower rate of active ingredient makes BlueMax more palatable because it's less detectable to rodents. The antidote for difethialone, which is the same antidote for any other anticoagulant rodenticide, is Vitamin K1.