Product Description

Maki® was the first rodenticide to offer the effective control of bromadiolone. If you're looking for the number one rodenticide value, look to Maki® first.

Single-feed anticoagulant with proven history of efficacy. Active ingredient, bromadiolone, available in a variety of effective formulations - mini-blocks, paraffinized pellets, and paraffinized blocks. Paraffinized pellets come packaged in bulk or in convenient place packs. Recommended for control of Norway rats, roof rats and house mice. Flexible application directions and methods of use. USDA-authorized for use in official establishments operating under major federal inspection programs. Ideal for residential and commercial buildings, ships and other forms of transportation.

Maki® value comes in many shapes and sizes. Every rodent control problem requires unique and different solutions. That's why we offer Maki® in three effective forms.